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Professional Services

Save time and money by ditching the graph paper and letting the professionals at Haunt Design create your attraction blueprints or layout.

Professional Haunted Attraction Design

Quality service, affordable pricing and a smarter way for attraction owners to do what they love while saving valuable time and money.



Free Consultation

Why pay to hear someone talk about how you're doing everything wrong? We offer free consultation to anyone serious about our services. Simply contact us now to get started.


Fast Turnaround

You won't be waiting months for your finished product! We've perfected the process of creating an effective, safe and inspection ready* design for your attraction. Most times projects are finished in just weeks.

Serious Design

All of our design/layouts are created for serious owners and/or operators. From birds-eye ground plans to emergency plans with detailed guides, all of our projects are intended for people how are serious about running their business.



Affordable Pricing

We offer the most affordable pricing in the industry, guaranteed. We can work with you on your budget based on the size and complexity of the project. Contact us today for a quote. >

* Some states require all blue prints to be stamped by a certified architect.

" extremely valuable asset to any organization that he's a part of, and would have a positive impact on any project he is associated with.

Travis Gay

Renfro Valley Entertainment Center

"  ...From  simple  scene  layouts  to  full  scale floor plans  his  attention to  detail  is


never  sacrificed.  Haunt Design Kit  is  a  terrific resource for anyone in need of


(attraction) layout.

Mike "Tattoo" Krausert

Nightmare New England/Spookyworld & Cutting Edge Scenic Design

Effective design for smart businesses.

Enjoy more of the things you love doing and let us take care of the small details.

Better Design.

We all know what a great design means to your business. It means less headaches with inspectors, precise budgeting (labor and materials) and a safer show for your guests...and that's just a few. We're here to take care of the "nitty-gritty" while you prepare your show.



A Polished Blueprint.

The days of copied graph paper and sloppy hand writing are over. We can transform your graph paper layout into a professional blueprint that's easy to read by your crew and inspectors. We'll send you a finished, multi-page PDF that you can print and hand out with zero confusion.


Complete Design. Or not.

We welcome all projects, whether it be a fully custom design with any theme you choose...or just creating a legible blueprint of a layout you created on graph paper. Contact us today and let's get started on your project. >

Ready to take your business to the next level? Contact us today >

Vendors. We're here for you.

Now you can offer your clients even more while saving valuable time and resources.


Your clients expect the best and we know you want to give it to them at a price that's best for your business. Haunt Design Kit offers the best quality and the best prices for vendors who want to expand their attraction design capabilities or add a new dimension to services you already offer. 


We're pretty confident that your customers will be satisfied with the end results that we can offer through your company. So satisfied in fact that we predict that they'll return to you for future business or rely on you for ongoing support. When you factor in our very competitive rates, your ROI will have never been happier!


A Name You Can Trust

Haunt Design Kit has created a solid reputation within the haunted house and haunted attraction industry. We have already serviced many top vendors in the industry and have created a very solid portfolio of success stories that will serve as our back-bone for future projects.

We offer a discounted rate to all vendors.

Contact us today for details.



If you have any ideas or request for future collections or downloads, please send us an email. We will try our best to create new and exciting collections to help designers everywhere.

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